$160/50-minute session with limited sliding scale options available

30-minute complimentary consultation session

I offer therapy services for individuals, groups, couples, and families. In therapy, I aim to support the healthy growth and development of the individual and their relationships.

Young Professionals and Emerging Adults

Individuals developing into young professionals often experience great stress and confusion. Leaving home for what may be the first time, and emerging as your own adult individual can be unfamiliar and sometimes intimidating; however, it also creates space for amazing opportunities. Emerging adulthood is a critical life cycle stage for growth and change. I want to help you find your way during this transition, in your career, intimate relationships, and emotional development. Individual therapy can help to guide you along this very important journey. 


Singlehood is an often ignored and stigmatized way of life; however, I believe that a lot can be learned from living a single life. I want to support you in your personal journey so that you can explore your own interests and strengths. Being single can be a wonderful and rare opportunity to learn to feel comfortable and confident in your self. Whether your single hood is temporary or part of a longer term plan, therapy can help you to solidify your goals and identity during this period.

In family therapy the bond between parent and child is of crucial importance for the secure development of children and their future relationships. Family therapy provides a secure and nurturing environment for relationships to blossom. The ultimate goal is to help families to create healthy bonds that bring joy to their life and relationships. I have experience working with children of all ages from infancy to young adulthood. 


Parenting can be stressful. Trying to help your child grow and learn when you are feeling overwhelmed is extremely difficult. Your emotional mood can impact your child's development. Giving yourself time to come to family therapy can help you to relax, reflect, and enhance your own parenting practices. I want to support you in the challenging task of parenting by giving you space to give time to yourself. Together we can work to find an approach that fits you and your child.

Zero to Five

From 0 to 5 years, children are at a pivotal age for therapeutic intervention. Your child is growing in many important areas, especially in their social and emotional development. Family therapy can help to enhance child development and parent-child relationships. Through guided therapeutic interactions, such as art and play therapy activities, you can enrich your bond with your child. 

School-Age Children

School-age children can experience a wide range of mental health issues. These issues may present themselves in many different ways, for example: aggression, crying, and inattention. Family therapy can help you to understand your child's signals and practice appropriate emotional responses. 


Adolescence can be a challenging time. Often adolescence can be a rebellious stage, which creates high conflict in families. Also, peer relationships become increasingly important at this phase of life, which can create increased peer conflict. Many adolescents struggle with identity and self-esteem issues during this time. Family therapy can help to support your adolescent in developing their identity, relationships, and value systems. 

Young Adulthood

As individuals transition into young adulthood, they must navigate their way through many challenges to find their independence. This can also be a difficult shift for parents of young adults, who have dedicated so much of their lives to providing care for their child. Family therapy can help to support young adults to grow and establish their own independent adult life and new intimate relationships. 

In couples therapy, we can allow for a safe space to process relational issues with support.


Being in an intimate relationship is hard work. My approach to couples therapy emphasizes the importance of differentiation in couple relationships. I believe that a healthy couple is one where individuals can share deeply personal parts of their selves with their partner, while also being secure enough to handle however their partner responds. My approach also incorporates exploration of attachment style and intergenerational relationships. Couples therapy aims to enhance individual security and intimacy in the couple relationship.