Meditation Retreat in Sequoia

Last week I went on an amazing Meditation and Massage retreat in Sequoia with Rachel Hardy. On this retreat, I renewed my personal meditation practice and walked away with several other tools to use for my own self-care, and for the care of my clients. I also met some of the most intelligent, courageous, and strong women, who encouraged me to follow my own path. As a therapist, I often encourage my clients to follow their own path and to tell their own story. I help clients to feel safe to tell their own story free from judgment, even if it differs from the stories of other people, or from the stories that other people tell about them. My experience at this retreat reinforced my personal and professional beliefs about the power of meditation and self-compassion. I feel so joyful and gracious that I had the opportunity to attend this retreat, and to share the experience with such wonderful people. Thank you for the laughter, wisdom, and compassion!