New Year, New You

Several people share a fear, anxiety, and anticipation before the holidays. Now that the season has passed, we can work towards recovery and reinvention. With the coming of the New Year, many people turn away from the past and their problems, and turn towards the optimism of New Year’s resolutions. Most dedicate their New Year’s resolutions to improving their physical health by joining gyms, starting diets, etc. I encourage you to consider dedicating your New Year’s resolution this year to improving your emotional health and the health of your relationships! Therapy can support you in the process of reauthoring your life story for the New Year, new you.


Maybe you’ve just experienced some family drama at a holiday gathering that inspired you to set new boundaries. Maybe you are sick of feeling stuck in an ongoing fight with your partner. Maybe you want to reconnect with your teen. Maybe you want to make sure that you are developing a healthy relationship with your growing child. Maybe you want to practice being more present in your relationships. Whatever your resolution may be, therapy can be a nurturing and supportive environment to breathe life into the New Year, new you.


Take some time to consider what you would like your identity, your relationships, and your life to look like this year. Share it with someone special in your life. You have the power to rewrite your story, and all future chapters to come! Happy New Year to all!